The spread of Lumpy skin disease (LSD) and Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) overseas is a cause for concern among Australian livestock producers. Any incursions could significantly impact our domestic and export industries, so it is vital that sound prevention strategies are adhered to and all stakeholders remain up-to-date on recent news. The following is an update on recent developments, economic risks and current vaccine plans for both diseases, with implications for organic producers explored.
The Drought Resilience Funding Plan has been tabled in Parliament outlining how the proceeds of the Future Drought Fund can be spent.
The public are invited to a free forum in QLD providing advice about feeding and caring for animals during the drought.
Australian Organic Ltd was invited by Minister McKenzie to participate and represent the organic sector at the Bushfire Roundtable on Agriculture.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday announced the Government will provide up to $75,000 in grants for bushfire affected producers.
The Australian Government will inject $15 million in additional funding to the Rural Financial Counselling Service to aid bushfire recovery.
Advice to certified organic operators surrounding the requirements for certification alongside information regarding available allowances & derogations during the bushfire crisis.
As the bushfire crisis across Australia worsens, Minister for Agriculture Bridget McKenzie urges communities to prioritise personal safety.
List of agricultural resources for producers affected by the recent bushfire emergencies.