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San Elk: Hand-Crafted Certified Organic Stocks

Melbourne-based family business San Elk have been producing a range of certified organic stocks since 2017. Their business is built on a passion for natural and additive-free foods that liven up your pantry and help turn ordinary meals into delicious ones.  

San Elk offer a range of four products, all of which are certified organic; They have a Beef Bone Stock, a Chicken Stock, a Vegetable Stock and a Low FODMAP Vegetable Stock.

Each batch is hand-crafted using high quality dehydrated and finely ground vegetables, herbs and spices, mixed with other natural ingredients to make a tasty and nutritious stock. All products in the range are free from maltodextrin, MSG, GMOs, palm products, gluten, lactose and other fillers. Additionally, the dehydrated beef bone and chicken used in their meat stocks do not contain hormones or antibiotics.

One 160g tub of San Elk powdered stock makes approximately 13 litres of liquid stock. This container form allows for significantly less packaging material than liquid stock, meaning less cartons end up in landfall. Their powdered stock is also shelf-stable and doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge, so you can keep it in your pantry for easy accessibility. The packaging is reusable kraft paper cardboard, suitable for other applications once you finish your container.

San Elk operates under a farm-to-table philosophy, with the owners always looking to support local certified organic farmers and producers where possible. Their products are available in health food stores and markets across multiple states. You can use the handy Stockists tool on their website to find your nearest supplier, or else visit their website and shop online. Bulk varieties ranging up to 20kg are available to food service companies looking for certified organic options.

To reach out to the San Elk team for further information, feel free to email or call 0403 232 411. You can also follow then on Instagram for some fantastic recipes and meal ideas.

Business owners Loredana and Arthur with their three boys.