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Our Story

Where It All Began

Australian Organic Limited (AOL) is the leading industry body representing all certifiers and certified operators. AOL is a not-for-profit member owned organisation that advocates for the betterment growth interests of the certified organic industry by lobbying government and driving awareness.

Established in 1987 (formerly Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA)), AOL has been the major force in ensuring organic standards remain robust and are in line with global export markets.

The ‘Bud’ Logo

Behind the ‘Bud’ Logo

The ‘Bud’ is the oldest, most recognised Australian Organic certification mark, with more than 50% of consumers identifying it as the trusted symbol of the organic industry.

The Bud logo represents Australia’s leading certification program, ‘Australian Certified Organic’ and signals the integrity of organic products in the marketplace for consumers. If you see the ‘Bud’ certification mark on a product, you can be assured that the product has been rigorously audited and has been developed to the highest of standards.

The Bud logo was initially designed in 1989 by Rosemary Dunn of South Australia, one of Australian Organic’s early and still loyal members, while sitting around the Dunn’s kitchen table.

“The Bud represents everything that Australian Organic is about: The growth and promise of spring, the sign of big things growing from the initial organic movement, and the strength and logic of nature and natural (biological and organic) systems in guiding our choices in life.”
Rosemary Dunn


Australian Organic Demerge

Australian Organic Ltd (AOL) demerged from its subsidiary certification arm, Australian Certified Organic Pty Ltd (now ACO Certification Ltd – Australia’s largest organic certifier) on 30 June 2018. ACO Certification Ltd no longer holds the exclusive license for certification to the Bud logo.

Post de-merge, Australian Organic Ltd is now able to license to ‘The Bud’ trademark to all Department accredited certifiers enabling more certified operators to opportunity to license to the Bud. AOL continues to invest in the protection, promotion, research and education for certified organic products, brands and businesses.

What We Do


We aim to educate businesses, brands and consumers on the importance of living an organic lifestyle for your health, family and future. Read more about our Australian Organic Schools Program below.


Australian Organic Awareness Month (AOAM) is Australia’s largest organic awareness campaign. Held every September we promote the importance of certified organics for our wellbeing and environment.

Organic Industry Awards

Our annual Organic Industry Awards Celebrates the best and most innovate products and people in the organic industry. See last year’s awards here.

Research & Publications

Each year we research and publish our findings on the organic industry including growth, awareness, consumer insights and exports in the Australian Organic Market Report. Read our latest edition here.


We are a member based not-for-profit company and your membership supports the organic industry and education of organics. Learn more about our different levels of membership here.

Marketing & Events

Throughout the year, we host industry forums, campaigns & events to advocate, educate & celebrate the Australian Organic industry. View our events calendar here.


Australian Organic Schools Program

Our Australian Organic Schools program provides free resources to teachers and parents to teach children about the importance of healthy eating, how things grow and looking after out environment – and it’s fun!

Schools participating

Students enrolled in the Australian Organic Schools Program

Curriculum approved modules



AOL Reports & Publications

Australian Organic Ltd regularly release industry reports and publications to keep our members updated on the organic industry, including grants, research and development.

Australian Organic Market Report 2019

Australian Certified Organic Standard 2019 V.1

Australian Organic Market Report 2018

Australian Organic Certified Organic Recipe Book

Australian Organic ‘Behind the Bud’ Episode 2

Become a Member

Australian Organic offers three levels of membership, including:

  • Certified Organic Operator Membership (voting membership)
  • Trade Membership (non-certified operators and non-voting)
  • Consumer Membership via our Bud Organic Club (non-voting)

Member benefits differ according to the membership levels and are renewable on an annual basis.