From time to time, Australian Organic Limited releases general guidance notifications to assist certified organic operators and certification bodies in relation to current industry issues including environmental and climatic changes, health and safety updates and Government advice.

See below ‘General Guidance’ updates and notifications from Australian Organic Limited.

Notification NumberNotification NameNotification DateLink
2102Domestic Only Drought Derogation End20 October 2021View
2101Domestic Only Drought Derogation Phase-Out3 February 2021View
2005Miscellaneous Product Categories18 June 2020View
2004Drought Feeding Derogation Extension23 April 2020View
2003COVID-19 General Guidance28 March 2020View
2002Fire Retardant Chemicals – Further Guidance2 March 2020View
1905Fire Retardant Chemicals and Organic Certification10 December 2019View
1904Drought Feeding Derogation Extension8 November 2019View
1902Salt as a Certified Allowed Input2 October 2019View