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ACOS Updates & Notifications

See below list of updates to the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS). These updates and notifications are released by Australian Organic and should be checked on a regular basis for the most relevant updates to the standard.

For General Guidance notifications for certified organic operators and certification bodies, see here.

Notification Number Notification Name Notification Date Link


ACOS 2023 Change Log

Annex Update

December 2023

May 2022



2202 EU Annex Updates May 2022 View
2201 Natural Fibres/Textiles February 2022 View
2104 IFOAM Annex Update November 2021 View
2103 EU Input Annexes November 2021 View
ACOS 2021 Change Log March 2021 View
2001 EU Input Annexes January 2020 View
1903 Genetic Engineering / GMO definition update October 2019 View
1901 Certified Allowed Input marketing and label claims July 2019 View
ACOS COSMOS Update – Overview May 2019 View
ACOS 2019 V1 – Change Log May 2019 View