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BTi Logistics Achieves Organic Certification for its Melbourne Warehouse

BTi Logistics‘ Melbourne warehouse recently achieved certification as an organic handler. BTi Logistics is an Australian owned third-party logistics provider and freight forwarder, with 32 years of expertise in shipping. 

In 2018, BTi Logistics opened the gates to their newest branch located in Brisbane, along with its accompanying warehouse of 3,000sqm €“ an addition to their pre-existing organically certified Melbourne warehouse of 10,000sqm. 

Today, BTi Logistics has grown to 3 branches on a national level (Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane), including one in New Zealand and another one in Singapore. As a 3PL provider, they have the flexibility to accommodate a range of shipments, regardless of their complexity. While as an organically certified freight forwarder, BTi has the capability to help you and your organic goods exploit new overseas markets. 

BTi Logistics is also accredited as an Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) and is considered lower risk. This means that shipments handled by BTi are less likely to face border holds or other processing delays. Therefore, BTi’s clients who also have their ATT accreditation, will enjoy priority processing benefits and hence, receive their stock sooner. 


BTi Logistics‘ Melbourne warehouse received accreditation via ACO Certification Ltd, as a certified organic handler. This comes in addition to their pre-existing Approved Arrangement for Export of Non-Refrigerated dairy products. Interestingly, BTi are one of the select few logistics providers in Victoria that hold organic certification, and therefore can handle warehousing, distribution and export of organic products. Here, it is important to remember that if you are an organic goods seller, each entity within your supply chain that interacts with your goods, needs to have their certified organic accreditation. 

“BTi joined the movement for long-term environmental sustainability as we believe that each individual/entity is a part of something bigger and a good ecological balance can come through organic agriculture. Essentially, we wanted to be able to support businesses actively involved in producing or selling organic products. That’s why, in addition to our certification, BTi also became a member of Australian Organic Ltd, the leading industry body for organics, with the aim to have a more active role in the organic industry.” 


BTi Logistics offers the full suite of supply chain services including air freight, sea freight, customs brokerage and third-party fulfilment. Understanding that each business has its own freight forwarding needs, BTi have partnered with a range of shipping lines and airlines, enabling them to design tailored, cost-saving solutions for their clients. BTi also provide exceptional in-house customs clearance services, through senior brokers with solid industry reputation and knowledge. 

BTi’s Melbourne warehouse premises is quarantine approved, with bonded and general space available – and is now certified organic. Their Melbourne facility is also licensed to store and export non-refrigerated dairy products. 

“Our aim is to become an extension of your business, rather than just a service provider, and we do this by creating long lasting relationships through exceptional customer service, transparency and flexibility.”

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