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AstraGrace Corp Pty Ltd

General Organic Industries Trust

Dani Organic Foods (Aust) Pty Ltd

Tasmanian Seaweed Fertilisers

Totally Pure Fruits Pty Ltd

Victorian Chemical Company

Soil Management Systems Pty Ltd

Plant of Health Fertilsers (Batphone Aust Pty Ltd)

Multikraft Probiotics Australia

Natures Creations skin care Products

Our Patch T/A Tasmanian Organic Meats

Mapleton Agri Biotec Pty Ltd

Midfield Meat International Pty Ltd

Healthier Tastier Foods ( Coco Earth)

HQ2 Food and Beverage Solutions Pty Ltd

Imaginelle Oreganics Contract Manufacturing

Deep Creek Organics Dalmore

Essential Flavours & Ingredients

Fiesta Ingredients Australia

Country Range Farming Pty Ltd

Australian Harvest / Nutritional Sciences

Australian Organic Food Co

Barambah Organics Operations Pty Ltd