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Australian Organic statement on Emerging Gene Technology

Australian Organic Ltd (AOL) and the Organic Industry in Australia is gravely concerned by the outcome of the Federal Government’s Technical Review of the Gene Technology Regulations (2001), specifically, the decision to deregulate the genetic editing method: CRISPR SDN-1.

See below statement addressed by CEO Niki Ford outlining AOL’s positioning and ongoing dialogue with the Department of Agriculture and the office for the Minister of Agriculture, Bridget McKenzie.

Australian Organic Ltd Gene Technology Statement

AOL CEO Niki Ford received a response to the statement dated 27.08.19 from Minister of Agriculture and Senator for Victoria, Minister Bridget McKenzie. See link below:

Minister Bridget McKenzie Response to Australian Organic Gene Technology Statement

The most recent updates from CEO Niki Ford (September 2019) can be found below:

AOL Emerging Gene Technology – Update 17 September 2019

AOL Emerging Gene Technology – Update 19 September 2019

See Australian Organic’s Submission to the Third Review of the Gene Technology Scheme here.