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WoodShield: Certified Organic Timber Posts with the Protection of Recycled Plastic

Established in 2004, WoodShield manufactures Australian made, sustainable and chemical-free fencing posts. WoodShield’s timber posts are fully coated in recycled polymer and have been specifically created for use in viticulture, aquaculture, equine and general agricultural industries.

This unique product is an all-rounder when it comes to organic agriculture fencing. WoodShield’s fencing post is made from non-treated timber, fully encased in recycled polymer. Joining the best of both worlds, WoodShield combines the rigidity and strength of wood, with the toughness and resilience of plastic. This increases the strength and the longevity of the post, approximately 4-5 times longer than a treated timber post with a 100% greater breaking angle. The posts are fully sealed at each end and the encapsulated plastic coating means the timber does not dry out and split – therefore you do not have fasteners becoming loose. Standard fasteners can be used and installation with a post knocker or rammer is recommended.

A slice of a WoodShield fence post, used on Angove Organic vineyards

“No rot, no rust, no termite or white ant issues, no chemical issues, no disposal issues and we have not had an animal eat one!” praised Ashley Davidson, the International Business Development Manager at WoodShield.  

WoodShield is proud to offer a product that is part of the circular economy, with polymer sourced from agri-waste that would normally go to landfill and using sustainable timber. Once ready to be disposed of, the posts have been designed to be recycled on-site rather than incur freight costs moving the product at end of life. The poly can be stripped off the timber with simple tools and then deposited into your local recycling program. The timber is chemical-free and can be mulched on-site or burnt as firewood. 

The company started being interested in organic certification following recommendations from their customers. 

“The product itself led us to the organic sector especially the organic vineyards and orchards. Once people found out about the product, the demand for certification was a logical next step,” recalls Ashley. 

Completing their certification in 2010, this process was an important step for the brand to provide choice to their customers: 

“We are proud to be an organic product and use the Bud on our brochures and flyers. It lets people know at a glance that we are certified.” 

WoodShield fence posts used underwater at Wapengo Rocks for their organic oysters

This weather-resistant product can be installed in a wide variety of applications including saltwater. A great example is its installation at Wapengo Rocks: Wild Organic Oysters, providing a chemical-free solution for their high quality and award-winning oysters.  

This safe, permanent and professional fencing solution is backed by an extensive guarantee as well as being competitively priced. 

WoodShield sells directly to consumers and ships nationally and internationally. To learn more about WoodShield products, visit their website