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Windance Estate Winery: Certified Biodynamics from WA’s Margaret River Wine Region

You’ll find Windance Estate near the small town of Yallingup, in the north of WA’s world-famous Margaret River wine region. The certified biodynamic family business produces a range of high-quality small batch wines, with sustainable land management practices key to their success.

Windance was established in 1998 by Drew and Rosemary Brent-White, with their daughter Billie and her husband Michael (Tyke) taking over the operation of the business in 2015. Most of the vineyard became certified in 2020, with 7.2 hectares now certified and more than a hectare still in-conversion.

Soil health is integral to biodynamic vigneron, and viticulturist Tyke uses natural fertilisers to encourage earthworms and microbial activity. Sheep and guinea fowl are utilised for weed and pest management, as is a complete cover crop on the vineyard to enhance natural nutrients.

The enterprise’s long-term commitment to organic and biodynamic principles has paid off with consistently high-quality grapes being grown across the property. Vines are planted in a north to south orientation to along the Yallingup Coastal Ridge, where temperatures are on average 3 degrees warmer than the southern Margaret River region during the ripening period.

“For me, the most important contributing factor of winemaking is growing and sourcing quality fruit,” said Tyke.

“Excellent fruit provides the building blocks for excellent wine. As simple as it sounds, this is a much harder feat than one would expect. I’ve been lucky enough that Drew and Rosie have poured their heart and soul into the vineyard and it really shows in the fruit quality.”

Windance Manager and Winemaker Tyke Wheatley

Windance conducts regular soil and leaf tests to ensure they are striking the right balance in their soil and plants. Those growing in organic and biodynamic vineyards must react extra quickly to pest and disease threats, such as the garden weevil which is a common concern for West Australian vignerons. A variety of organic tactics are used at the Yallingup vineyard to keep one step ahead of the problem.   

The business has enjoyed a good track record on the show circuit in recent years, with a total of 31 trophies and 85 gold medals making them one of the most successful small wine producers in the Margaret River region. Windance operates a Cellar Door from 10am to 5pm daily, complete with a large tasting bar, a space for kids to play and seating for groups.

To find out more about Windance’s wine range, make sure you take a look at their Online Store or give them a call on 08 9755 2293.