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Supporting Regenerative Agriculture with Australian Organic Food Co.

Picture this. Healthy, natural, organic food. Grown and manufactured in a truly sustainable way.

Think Organic. Think Australia. That’s our vision.

We started in soups in 2018 and have since added fruit puree’s, juices, passata, and pasta sauces with lots more in the pipeline. We’ve rescued hundreds of thousands of kilos of fresh produce from going to waste, turning it into delicious organic, packaged food for consumers.

We have now partnered with the Carbon8 Regenerative Agriculture Project, which provides education opportunities, community engagement, funding and other support to farmers wishing to sequester and maintain the carbon in their soil.

So, whether you’re a farmer, a retailer, or a consumer, you have a choice. And by purchasing our product or supporting us you’re making the choice to support Australian organic and regenerative agriculture – providing healthy delicious food today and improving our soil’s health for tomorrow.

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