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Organica Australia: Natural and Certified Allowed Inputs

The story of Organica Australia began in 1977, when Robert Jack and his family were tending to their flower nursery in Chambers Flat, Queensland. The family had slowly replaced the use of chemicals with their own natural formulations and had seen great results using readily available and ecologically sustainable blends.

From these humble beginnings, Organica soon became a reputable organic business that now serves a wide range of farmers and agricultural enterprises. Robert’s daughter Belinda Grainger is now in charge of the livestock aspect of the family business, where they sell a range of coats and balms to mitigate the impact that insects and other factors can have on livestock health.

Organica Cattle and Pony Coat, as well as Organica De-Horning and Pony Balms, are ACO certified and USDA (NOP) compliant. The coat products act as a deodorant to mask the smells that attract insects to cattle and horses, as well as reducing the stress and irritation caused to the animal as a result of flies and biting insects. The balm products use Australian essential oils and botanical extracts to aid in animal recovery.  

All products are manufactured in Brisbane and suitable for use on organic and non-organic certified farms. There is no withholding period (WHP) applicable to any of Organica Australia’s livestock products.

For Belinda, the focus of the business is on serving customers who are looking to avoid chemicals and find sustainable solutions to livestock problems.

“As the industry demand to replace chemicals grew, becoming accredited as an organic provider was a no-brainer for us. A lot of hard work is involved in becoming certified and maintaining that certification, but it has all been well worth it,” said Belinda.

“Organic certification gives the consumer peace of mind around the use of harmful chemicals. It removes that doubt around the possibility of hidden harmful additives that aren’t listed in the ingredients.”

Organica Australia products are in stock across a variety of agriculture stores in Queensland and New South Wales. Wholesale shoppers can also visit the company website to place an order, where products are available in a wide variety of sizes. Proprietors can even register their interest in becoming Organica Australia stockists at this link.