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Kialla Pure Foods: A passion for organic grains

Deep in the heart of the Darling Downs, Kialla Pure Foods began in 1988 and was one of the founding members of today’s organic movement in Australia. Passionate in providing synthetic chemical-free, nutrient-rich food and embracing sustainable practices, Kialla’s philosophy has progressed to become one of the leaders in organic grain and by-products in Australia. The company mills certified organic, GMO-free cereal grains from over 20 different organic suppliers.

Kialla plays an essential role in the area’s local organic community of farmers, by providing continuous opportunities for farmers to sell their organic grains with full transparency in the supply chain. Whilst other, larger mills have relocated out of the area for economic reasons, Kialla continues to operate in the midst of the farmland and continues to grow its regional presence; actively developing opportunities for both local people and organic farmers.

The company still uses traditional milling techniques. Kialla’s wholegrain products are made using the old-fashioned stone mill to protect nutrients and enzymes in the flour. Kialla also embraces modern practices, investing in new production techniques to improve yield, and expanded its site to keep up with the growing demand.

In 2006, Kialla Pure Foods was purchased by Quentin and Michelle Kennedy. Both from farming backgrounds, Quentin and Michelle are passionate organic supporters. Quentin sat on the Australian Organic Limited Board for many years and is a member of AOL’s Organic Grain Advisory Committee.

Kialla processes cereal grains into a wide range of organic baking flours, specialty flours, premixes and other cereal-based products. Its famous organic pancake mix is one of its leading products, devoured by many in Australia and internationally. The company continues to increase their range with new products including vegan pancake mixes, organic overnight oats and organic protein smoothies.

Kialla exports a large portion of its products internationally and holds organic certifications for China, Japan, Korea, and the US. From a technical perspective, 1kg of wheat grain produces 750g of plain flour following the milling process. The bi-products of milling are then made into different animal concentrates, in the neighbouring Aus Organic Feeds production facility.

Passionate to connect their customers with the local farmers, Quentin and his team developed a tracing program to allow consumers to virtually meet the farmers who grew and harvested the high-quality grain behind the products they purchased. By simply scanning the QR code on the packaging, Kialla’s “plate2farm” trackers will provide the origin of the grain with a list of farmers and their stories. A wonderful initiative to provide recognition to farmers for their hard work and educate consumers.

Today, Kialla Pure Foods’ commitment and passion remains: to produce a real difference in their communities by making delicious healthy food possible through a sustainable and transparent food chain.

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Images by Louise Wright Photography