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Jenbrook Australia: Pure Organic Tea Tree and Native Botanicals from 2000 Acres

You’ll find Jenbrook Farm nestled in Northern NSW’s Bungawalbin Valley, a certified organic tea tree farm that’s home to over 2000 acres of native tea tree. The region is the birthplace for the Melaleuca alternifolia species and is renowned for its ideal ecosystem for tea trees to thrive.   

Since 1989, Jenbrook Farm has grown, produced and supplied premium certified organic tea tree products, with a commitment to sustainable harvesting and the protection of the unique ecosystem that thrives in the old-growth forest of the farm.

Farm Manager, Jesse, felt instantly connected to the land when he joined the Jenbrook team in late 2019.

“There’s something truly special about Jenbrook Farm. It’s hard to describe. When you’re standing in the middle of the old-growth forest, surrounded by centuries of history and thousand-year-old mother trees, you can feel it.”

Jenbrook operates on Bundjalung country, with the Bundjalung people acknowledged as traditional custodians of the land.

The farm features a unique combination of tea tree plantation and wild tea tree forest. Using organic practices to protect the local ecosystem, Jenbrook have developed a thorough understanding of their land through sustainable practices. Chemicals, pesticides and herbicides are not deployed, while cows are used to assist with weed management and fertilising. The team at Jenbrook only harvest the aerial part of the plant to promote yearly regrowth rather than uprooting and reseeding each harvest, in an effort to encourage natural renewal.

“We handle the tea tree with care from growth to harvest to distillation, and I can confidently say that the quality of product produced from Jenbrook Farm is second to none,” says Jesse.

After the distillation process is completed at the farm, the spent leaf is used as compost promoting healthy soil, making for a full sustainable cycle.

Jenbrook have invested time and resources into ensuring sustainable and ethical farming practices are in place and their efforts are perpetually evolving. They have also employed systems to track and trace all processes from the farm to the customer, providing full traceability and transparency.

Jenbrook’s operators are dedicated to interacting with the land in a way which encourages regeneration.

Tea tree essential oils, hydrosol, dried leaf and extract are all fully produced at Jenbrook, although the team also distribute raw ingredients sourced from other Australian farms and suppliers. They proudly work with farmers and suppliers who maintain strict traceability measures to ensure the high quality of their raw ingredients. Botanical products from more than 40 different Australian grown plants are available in the latest catalogue, with directly sourced lemon myrtle, sandalwood and eucalyptus among the most popular.

If you are interested in Jenbrook’s high quality tea tree and botanical products, feel free to contact Elena via, or else visit the Jenbrook website for more information.