Top 5 Organic Gardening Tips From Australian Organic Food Co

Top 5 Organic Gardening Tips From Australian Organic Food Co

Australian Organic Food Co. shares their top five organic gardening tips! Read more to find out how to take your organic garden to the next level. Australian Organic Food Co. shares their top five organic gardening tips! Read more to find out how to take your organic garden to the next level.

Sustainable living isn’t a race, it’s a marathon, and we have to take it step-by-step. When the founder of Australian Organic Food Company, Adrian Cester, first learned about the impact industrial and chemical-heavy farming was having on soil health, he knew he had to do something.

The solution presented itself when he found out how much food waste was caused by superficial produce requirements: partner with Australian organic farmers to rescue doomed produce and improve soil health for future generations.

With that, Australian Organic Food Co. was born, and with it a whole range of products made from only 100% organically-grown Australian produce.

Our Tomato Passata uses 100% Australian grown organic tomatoes, so you can trust that it’s good for your family and our planet — it’s also perfect for pasta, stews and more! Our Tomato Passata joins our range of ready-to-eat 100% Australian organic soups and fruit purees — healthy snacks for kids big and small — all available now at Woolworths!

We recently launched a selection of tasty organic juices and we’re excited to announce they will soon be joined by a range of new delicious 100% Australian organic pasta sauces — look out for them at your local independent supermarket!

Our 5 Organic Gardening Tips

We recently discovered our customers aren’t just passionate about buying organic, they’re also passionate about growing organic too. With a heap of insights learned from some of the best in the business — our incredible Aussie organic farmers — we could hardly keep our organic growing tips to ourselves. Here are some of our top tips for taking organic gardening to the next level!

  1. Set your soil up for success. Start your garden by finding out the composition of your soil with a few simple tests. For a more in-depth test on minerals and nutrients, you can find soil testing kits online
  2. Set up a good composting system. A general garden compost will do, and will give your plants continual nutrients if dug into the center of your garden. Adding a Bokashi Bin to the mix will mean you don’t have to send non-compostable scraps to landfill. This includes meats, fats, bread, excessive citrus and onion. To be a true composting champion, start a worm farm! Although a little pickier than your average compost bin, worms create a constant flow of amazing fertiliser, and they are able to break down food scraps much faster. A combination of all 3 methods will ensure you never need to send food scraps to landfill again.
  3. Set up an irrigation system to save time on watering. Keep in mind that some plants prefer to be watered from above and some not so much. Pumpkin, zucchini, cucumber, peas, roses, grapes, pawpaws, strawberries and apples are susceptible to powdery mildew, a white mould that can kill off leaves. Keeping the foliage dry will stop mildew form overtaking, therefore these plants are better off watered from the base.
  4. Use your old eggshells as seed starters. Simply fill the empty eggshell with soil and plant your seed. Once the plant has sprouted, put the whole thing, egg and all, into the soil.
  5. Download ‘Picture This’, an app that helps with plant identification. Composting often leads to lots of surprise seedlings! Rather than pulling them out immediately, try to identify them in case they’re edible.

We’ve recently launched a new Facebook community group that’s all about organic gardening. If you have a passion for sprouting, or want to know how best to use your empty egg shells, join our ‘Organic Gardening Tips & Tricks’ group. Share your questions and experiences, and hopefully we’ll all learn a thing or two from each other along the way!

Bill’s Certified Organic Sourdough Range

Bill’s Certified Organic Sourdough Range

At Bill’s Certified Organic, we’re focused on inspiring healthier living through healthier choices. All of our delicious sourdoughs are made using pure, natural ingredients from Certified Organic farms. Our sourdough originated in the pristine Watagan mountains in the lower Hunter Valley. The Bill’s family has been nurturing it for the last 25 years.

We believe it is absolutely essential to use Certified Organic ingredients when creating our highly nutritious and tasty sourdoughs. When you purchase Certified Organic produce, you can be guaranteed that what you are consuming is free from harmful artificial fertilisers and chemicals, as well as promoting ethical farming practices.

Our main line of products can be found in Woolworths, Coles and Harris Farm and various small Organic Stores across NSW and the ACT.

Our Certified Organic range includes:

Bill’s Certified Organic Stoneground activated ancient grains & super seeds sourdough
Activated & Certified Organic Chia, Quinoa and Flaxseed are combined with Certified Organic Stoneground Spelt and Khorasan flour – A true health bread

Bill’s Certified Organic Hemp Carb – Smart Stoneground sourdough
Rich in all essential amino and fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 and is a complete source of protein which gives this bread a mouth-watering aroma and great taste.

Bill’s Certified Organic Stoneground 100% Spelt sourdough
Spelt is an Ancient Grain – a highly nutritious alternative to conventional wheat. A safe substitute for those who experience wheat sensitivities.

Bill’s Certified Organic Stoneground 100% Wholemeal sourdough
This 100% wholemeal loaf contains the whole of the wheat, including
the wheat germ.

Bill’s Certified Organic Stoneground Activated 7 Seed Multi-Grain sourdough
Rich in flavour, packed with the nutritional goodness of wheat, rye, oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, chia and quinoa.

Bill’s Certified Organic Stoneground Multi-Fruit sourdough
Packed with antioxidant goodness from certified organic sultanas, raisins, figs and apricots, all naturally preserved without sulphites.

Bill’s Certified Organic Stoneground Khorasan sourdough
Khorasan is one of the earliest cultivated grains.

Bill’s Certified Organic Stoneground Medium Rye sourdough
A delicious Continental style loaf made with wheat and rye flour.


With the current situation, we have adapted to better serve our loyal customers. We have focused on giving people the option to order delivery of our Certified Organic Sourdough. The minimum order is six loaves which gets delivered to the customer’s front door. We love providing this service as it allows customers to still purchase our wonderful Certified Organic sourdough, if they are not able to.

The positives that come from offering this service really puts a smile on our faces here at Bill’s. Recently, we had a customer who could not purchase the sourdough from the local supermarket as the bread was not available at the particular store the customer was visiting, so the customer contacted our team and we delivered the sourdough within a few days. It is great to see how positive our delivery service is by helping our customers in this current climate.

Please look out for us in the supermarket and you can follow our Instagram and like our Facebook page for more information!


Kelty Farm launches online store for premium organic meat

Kelty Farm launches online store for premium organic meat

Many organic producers and businesses are finding new ways of getting their produce out to customers.

Take Kelty Farm for example – they’ve recently launched an online store so customers can still get their certified organic meat and smallgoods without leaving the house!


Kelty Farm’s online store offers cartons of Premium Tasmanian Certified Organic Meat. Choose from either;

the Gourmet Pack, the Winter Pack, the BBQ Pack, the Budget Pack, or the Smallgoods Pack.

“By choosing Kelty Farm Organic Meat, you’re getting a great taste of the picturesque apple and beef growing Channel district overlooking Bruny Island in Southern Tasmania.” – Rex Williams, Owner of Kelty Farm

Visit the Kelty Farm online store here and continue to support your local organic producers: keltyfarm.com/shop.html

Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market – we’re open!

Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market – we’re open!

Flannerys Organic & Wholefood Market wants to let you know that it’s still open for business to support their suppliers and local communities.


With over 30 years in the industry – our team are extremely proud in supporting the local Australian farmers who supply the freshest organic produce and meats through to the small local start-ups selling the latest gluten free and paleo granolas, passionate skin care creators and food enthusiasts

In store, our loving naturopaths & nutritionists offer free wellness advice & support. From stress & sleep to immune boosting supplementation – we have you covered.

Our vitamin & supplement range is mainly plant based and we help guide customers based on their individual lifestyle needs or what has been prescribed by a practitioner.

Good food with good values is our philosophy and we love being a part of every community in which our stores are located.


We are extremely grateful to remain open, so that our community can access wholesome, nutritious food. Supporting our suppliers & farmers during this time is also top of mind.

We remain committed to ensuring the continued good health and safety of our customers and staff. On top of already rigorous health & safety practices, we have introduced several additional measures to reduce the risk of infection and keep our community safe.
These include;

  • Increased food and beverage safety measures
  • Hygiene / sanitary stations now available at the front of store or on counters
  • Retraining all staff on hygiene practices and COVID-19
  • Implementing daily health checks for staff to ensure a safe environment
  • Increased frequency of cleaning surfaces such as trolleys, baskets, EFTPOS, counters, food / beverage preparation areas, door handles and bathrooms
  • Food sampling and cosmetic testers will cease in store until further notice
  • Reusable coffee cups are required to be 100% washed prior to coming into stores, otherwise we will exercise the right of refusal

We’re working hard to take care of each other & are grateful to our community that continue to shop mindfully :

  • please stay at home if you are unwell
  • if you need to cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth with something other than your hands
  • please look after children in store, doing your best to stop them for unnecessary touching
  • please do not handle items unless you intend to purchase
  • practice social distancing when lining up, speaking to team members, making purchases, moving about
  • please wash your hands before & after coming into our store
  • please only buy what you need, as there is plenty of food for us all
  • please try to purchase with EFTPOS, payWave etc rather than cash to help our team members out

It’s never been more important to load up on nutrient rich wholefoods and look after our immune system.

Find your nearest Flannerys store on their website flannerys.com.au

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Tamburlaine Organic Wines

Tamburlaine started out in an old tin shed on a modest 14-hectare Hunter vineyard. In 1985 the winery was purchased by a small group of friends and relatives led by Managing Director and Chief Winemaker, Mark Davidson. The Company is now working to build on their ‘Contemporary Organics’ vision, successfully producing award-winning organic, vegan-friendly, low sulphur and no added sulphur wines.

“The vision was formed in the late ’90s and continues today,” Mark outlined. “We believe in continuously evolving our practices. Not because it appears now to be trendy, but because it makes sense. More and more consumers agree.”

Tamburlaine’s holistic approach includes grape growing and winemaking practices based on modern scientific thinking without using the chemical inputs involved in non-organic practices. However, converting to organics has not come easily, with years of research and development presenting the team with many challenges along the way. With support from Australian Organic, Tamburlaine now leads the wine industry in their conversion of conventional vineyards to organically managed, increasing awareness amongst growers and assuring a continual supply for the growing demand of organic wines.

“With the implementation of new contemporary organic thinking, the transformation of our Hunter Valley and Orange Region vineyards is incredible. The health of the soil and the vines is very evident, consistently yielding fruit of the highest quality.” Mark explained.

From 2016, the winemaking team has removed the use of animal proteins from its wines, traditionally used throughout the industry for fining. With the conscious consumer in mind, Tamburlaine successfully extended its range to include wines without added sulphur – commercially referred to as “preservative free”. These innovative wines, which push the boundaries of conventional winemaking, have already demonstrated their success in the wine show circuit, proving that no added sulphur wines could be as high-quality (or better!) as other organic wines.

“Our markets, domestic and international alike, are built on excellent wines at price-points to suit various lifestyles, all from great vineyards. Along with this growth in consumer demand has come the need to work with an increasing number of growers to convert to new regenerative farming principles, which have been enthusiastically embraced by young and older farmers alike.”

“When we started down the organic path, there were no blueprints and there were challenges from site to site and season to season. 2020 brings us different challenges but our aim remains the same: producing excellent organic wines that our loyal customers love.”

You can now order Tamburlaine Organic Wines ‘Stay at Home Dozen’ for just $16 a bottle with FREE delivery to your door. Visit their website to order tamburlaine.com.au

Happy Flame Candles

Happy Flame Candles

We wanted to let you know that we are busy hand-making our candles to keep up with all your orders for candle light.

As you know, we are a small business by choice. Over our working life we have worked in many businesses (before creating Happy Flame) and saw that growing a very big business is not always the best.

Hand-making, for example, is definitely for small businesses. It allows us to focus our attention on the details and therefore creating the highest quality.

Our beekeepers have had an extremely difficult year. The drought for the last 3 years has taken a toll on how much honey and beeswax they can create, but the bushfires put real hardship on their lives. One of our beekeepers lost 500 hives in the bush fires… a very sad time.

This highlights why it is so important for us to use beeswax from our local beekeepers, supporting the industry in the good and hard times.

And now the virus and a major economic downturn is making for more difficult times.

It is a time when we are so very grateful for all our supporters who continue to buy their candles from us… thank you. It not only allows us to continue to be here but help others in difficult times.

Our beeswax candles are also finding new homes, bringing calm to busy and stressed families, clearing the air with the negative ion effect and bringing light to rooms.

We look forward to sending out candle light to your home.

You can purchase Happy Flame candles made with certified organic beeswax on their website www.happyflame.com.au