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Buronga Organics: A passion for organic farming and sustainability

Family-owned Buronga Organics stretches across 4000 acres of lush pastureland, rolling hills and native bushland, just 10 minutes outside of Cootamundra, NSW. Owned and operated by David and Mary Booth, Buronga Organics places its passion for farming and organic philosophy at the centre of its farm management.

“We are driven by the belief that we must farm in harmony with nature using sustainable methods, to promote healthy foods and to protect the welfare of our environment.”

Buronga Organics’ extensive property includes Angus cattle, Dorper sheep, Boer and bush goats, and spelt. Angus cattle are well adapted to the local environment and are renowned for producing superior quality meat. With its good marbling, Angus beef is in high global demand as a premium meat product. Dorper is a hardy sheep breed known for its disease resistance and ability to shed its fleece. Their low maintenance makes them ideal for organic farming. Weed management on the property is handled by both sheep and Boer and bush goats who graze on open pastures and target rougher vegetative growth. Like the Dorpers, Boer goats have been bred to thrive in a range of conditions and are a preferred breed worldwide.

Using livestock to assist with pest control is a common method used in organic farming. These chemical-alternative methods work to protect the quality of soil, local waterways and the surrounding environments. Around a third of the Buronga Organics property is dedicated to native bushland, including ironbark and red gum, with the aim to maintain and even improve diversity and the natural ecology of the area.

A large part of Buronga Organic’s commitment towards sustainability is soil management, and soil health is incredibly important to the family. Buronga Organics regularly sample their soil and use a range of organic techniques including organic fertiliser to increase soil fertility and optimise mineral levels. Optimum soil health means quality produce – central to Buronga Organics’ motto.

“Our motto, perfecting pure produce, reflects our organic philosophy and our commitment to producing quality organic foods.”

Buronga Organics was inducted into the Australian Organic Hall of Fame in 2018 (pictured above holding their award with AOL CEO Niki Ford in 2021) for its dedication and service to organic farming and sustainability.

Photography by Louise Wright