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Voyager Estate: World-Class Organic Wines on the Margaret River

Iconic WA winery Voyager Estate produce organically farmed wines of place from Stevens Valley in the heart of the Margaret River region. Established in 1978, their wines are 100% estate grown and made, and the business is recognised as a world-class producer of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The owners are passionate about organic practices, having first begun their certification journey in 2017. The first stage of their transition was completed in January 2020, and the entirety of their wine range will be certified organic as of 2023. Owner Alexandra Burt believes in low-interference methods that let the grapes speak for themselves.

“Wine is an expression of time and place. Every vintage is different and every place is unique, and we can express it that particular way only once. It’s a beautiful way of marking time.”

Part of Voyager’s organic practice is increasing vine health and naturally strengthening the plant using compost and leaf tonics. When they became certified, they had to increase under vine weeding and found that this soil disturbance helped to reduce the emergence of weevils, which proved to be a welcome by-product of the weed management process.

Sustainability is a key focus area for Voyager Estate, with the managers committed to leaving the land more ‘healthy and alive’ than when they became caretakers of it; more than 60,000 trees have been planted over the past fifteen years in pursuit of this goal.

They have been active members of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia for more than 10 years, and recently became applicant members of International Wineries for Climate Action, where they have joined leading producers in striving to decarbonise the global wine industry. A specialist has been tasked with assessing Voyager’s current biodiversity practices and seeking out areas for improvement.  

As organic awareness has increased in recent years, the Margaret River region has seen many operators transitioning to become certified organic. Tourist numbers are also starting to grow following the lifting of COVID restrictions.

A flock of Muscovy Ducks, used across parts of the Voyager property for insect and snail control. Sheep from neighbouring farms are also organised to graze the land for weed management.

The Voyager Estate Wine Room is open to visitors from 10am – 5pm daily, with booking not required unless travelling with a large group. Those looking to try the extensive Voyager wine range can visit the Online Store at this link, or else check local stores or Dan Murphy’s.