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TotallyNuts: Premium Certified Organic Nuts and Snacks

Those looking for activated and organic nuts can place an order with Gold Coast based small business TotallyNuts! The certified organic supplier offers a wide range of nuts and seeds including Australian grown almonds, macadamias, pecans and sunflower seeds, plus nut butters, mueslis and much more.

For those who don’t know, ‘activation’ refers to a process where raw nuts are soaked for a period of time (usually 12-24 hours). The team at TotallyNuts follow this up by dehydrating the nuts at between 45 and 52 degrees, giving them a delicious and crunchy texture. They choose not to roast nuts, as this can destroy their fats and proteins, taking away a significant amount of nutritional benefit.

The certified organic small business was started by Gemma Hunneyball in 2010. Starting from humble beginnings in her home kitchen as a hobby, Gemma soon developed a keen network of customers and began selling her products at local farmer’s markets.

As a keen supporter of the organic lifestyle, Gemma chose to gain certification for her products under the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACOS). This decision was taken to give customers peace of mind that all products are as healthy as possible and made without artificial input. Their Gold Coast factory is 100% peanut, gluten, soy and dairy free, with only organic cleaning products and filtered water used by the TotallyNuts team.

When it comes to health benefits, organic nuts are a fantastic choice for a balanced diet. These little powerhouses are not only delicious, they’re packed with protein, fibre, omega 6 and 3 fats, oleic acid, Vitamins E & A, calcium and potassium, magnesium and many other vitamins and minerals. Plus, by choosing organic nuts you will not be exposing yourself to pesticides and other harmful factors as well as making your dollars count by supporting Australian ethical small businesses You can find out more about organic nuts on the Bud Organic website here.

TotallyNuts organic products are available across a wide range of stockists in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT, with an Online Store also available for those looking to get snacks shipped directly to their door. Or you can meet the team in person every Sunday at the Gold Coast Organic Farmer’s Market in Merrimac. A wide range of tasty recipes featuring organic nuts can be found on the TotallyNuts website.