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Taking the sting out of a healthy gut

An Australian honey infused with apple cider vinegar that delivers the health benefits associated with the acidic drink, but without the burn, has been recognised at a prestigious organic awards ceremony.

Produced in the pristine rainforests of Bungawalbin Valley in northern New South Wales, Meluka Australia’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Infused Raw Honey was awarded the New Product of the Year at Australian Organic Limited’s (AOL) 7th Annual Industry Awards. The Awards recognise excellence in the nation’s rapidly growing $2 billion plus organic industry.

AOL Chief Executive Officer, Niki Ford, said in such a fast-moving sector, the New Product of the Year category attracted excellent competition.

“We continue to see our organic producers bring new products on the market to meet consumer demand, so it’s always an exciting category,” Ms Ford said.

“Apple cider vinegar’s health benefits have been touted for centuries, with Hippocrates, ancient Greece’s father of modern medicine, allegedly prescribing apple cider vinegar with honey for a variety of illnesses.

“I congratulate Meluka Australia on the Award win and for evolving an age-old remedy into a certified organic product that delivers great taste and health benefits to consumers.”

Meluka Australia’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Infused Raw Honey combines all the natural enzymes, acids and gut-friendly bacteria found in organic apple cider vinegar with the delicious prebiotic and antioxidant goodness of organic raw honey.

Meluka Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Ben Rohr, said Meluka’s raw honey has no artificial additives, is free from common pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics, and contains pollen.

“The pollen allows us to trace the honey back to its source which, in this case, is our organic tea trees, which verifies that it is 100 per cent real organic honey,” Mr Rohr said.

Founded on the vision of creating healing tea tree and honey-based products, Meluka focuses on consumers’ health and wellbeing and is now selling products in Australia, the United States, Canada, Japan and China.

As a relative newcomer to the organic industry, Mr Rohr said he visited an organic tea tree plantation in Northern New South Wales five years ago, which now belongs to Meluka Australia.

“At the time, I was introduced to the organic principles at the heart of farming practices, which became the inspiration behind Meluka Australia and the reason for launching our Australian Certified Organic honey product range,” he said.

“We are proud to be part of the organic industry and see a great opportunity to promote and educate others about the benefits of organic farming for the health of our consumers today and their future generations.”

The Australian Organic 7th Annual Industry Awards were celebrated in a virtual ceremony on Friday, 12 November.

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