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Sumitomo Australia: Organic Input Solutions for Growers

Sumitomo Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Japan, a long-term global leader in biological and botanical crop protection. Since establishing itself in the Australian market in 1998, the company has supported local growers with organic insecticides, plant growth regulators, surfactants and soil health products. The brand operates under a guiding principle that ‘our business must benefit society, not just our own interests’, a concept that is in keeping with organics.

Australian agriculture faces unique climate, resource, pest and weed challenges. Sumitomo’s goal is to continually develop organic solutions that help growers manage these specific difficulties. While Sumitomo also produces non-organic inputs, certified organic products are a key component and focus area for the business. Their organic portfolio currently includes 12 products, with formulations designed for very specific grower needs. 

Organic products from Sumitomo are compliant with the Australian Certified Organic Standard, with the company making the decision to become certified as it enables organic farmers to use their products with confidence.

Options include DiPel®, a biological solution that has been used for more than 50 years to control a variety of moth and caterpillar pests, as well as PyGanic, a fast-acting botanical insecticide for pest control with zero withholding period. Natural plant growth regulators such as ProGibb® and ReTain® are also available for fruit and other harvest management. Another popular option is EndoPrime®, an organic plant and soil enhancement that contains mycorrhizae fungi to increase disease resilience and nutrient uptake.

An organically certified mycorrhizae trial in potatoes, conducted by Sumitomo Australia.

Detailed descriptions of all organic products are available on the Sumitomo Australia website at this link. General and safety instructions, withholding periods and other guidelines are available for the entire organic range.

The brand’s range of organic products can be purchased through the normal agricultural network with companies like CRT Australia, Elders, Nutrien and a range of independent retailers stocking their products. Sumitomo Australia will be attending the Hort Connections conference and trade show in Adelaide this June. Those in attendance can reach out to the Sumitomo team to find out more about their range and new products in the pipeline.