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Sprout Organic: Plant-based formulas from the Gold Coast

Sprout Organic are the creators of the world’s first plant-based, vegan and organic formulas for infants and toddlers, having first brought their innovations to market in late 2020.

The Gold Coast business was founded by husband-wife duo Sel & Jen, who decided to create their own formula when they couldn’t find a suitable option on the market that met their children’s needs. Other products had unwanted processed ingredients, so they sought to create a clean and nutritious option that families could trust.

Their infant and toddler formulas achieved organic certification in mid-2021 and are now available in more than 1,500 stores including Chemist Warehouse and TerryWhite Chemmart. Sprout Organic’s products also provide a solution for parents of kids with dietary intolerances or allergies, thanks to the clean ingredient list that is dairy, soy, gluten and preservative free.

Sprout’s certified organic range features options for infants (0-12 months) and toddlers (12 months plus), with the enterprise named as a finalist for the Innovation Award at the 2022 Australian Organic Industry Awards. They also claimed the World Food Innovation Award for ‘Best Children’s Product’ in a UK ceremony last year.

The brand is proudly Australian made and owned, choosing to source and manufacture as much as possible from Australian farmers and suppliers. Rice starch is the base ingredient for their formulas, which is safe for infants to consume from birth. While uncommon in the Southern Hemisphere, the ingredient has been widely used in Europe for decades as a key component of infant formulations.

The formulas meet all required FSANZ standards and are approved by paediatricians and nutritionists alike. A comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page is available on their website to support parents and guardians looking to make an informed purchase.

While the Australia and New Zealand market is very important to the Sprout Organic team, they have recently debuted their products in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, and are exploring export opportunities in other APAC countries.  

If you’d like to try out Sprout Organic products, you can make use of their Store Locator to find your nearest supplier, or else place an order online. The business is currently working on organic certification for other products in their range, including plant protein shakes and snack bars for kids.