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Seasol: Growing and Nurturing Since 1974

Since 1974, Seasol has been in the business of growing and nurturing! Not just plants, but strong communities, a happy, healthy workplace, and a sustainable environment. At Seasol, we aim to inspire people to change the way we grow our food and green our landscapes so we all enjoy a healthier world today, tomorrow, and indefinitely.  

Over the last eighteen months, Seasol has learnt to adapt to the ever-changing world and restrictions, lockdown, and life with COVID-19. We have procedures in place to ensure our workplace is a safe environment for all staff and visitors. Wherever possible, we have supported our team to work from home, and masks, hand sanitiser, and QR codes have become the “norm” at Seasol.

Seasol is a small Australian family company that employs around 100 people throughout all states of Australia. Our main head office, bottling plant and warehouse are located in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, with our manufacturing plant just outside Launceston. Wherever possible, we aim to support Australian companies by buying Aussie products and using them in our manufacturing process.

We have also partaken in the Australian Made Campaign, which us a campaign that promotes the Australian Made and Australian Grown logo. Here at Seasol we are incredibly proud to be an Australian Made and Owned company. This is shown through the display of the green and gold Kangaroo logo on our labels.

Over the last eighteen months, we increased our social media and website content to support Aussie gardeners, both experienced and novice, to learn how to garden through Covid-19. We wanted to show that getting out in the garden for even a few minutes could help with mental and physical wellbeing during the lockdown’s we have all experienced.

Our aim was more about going back to basics and teaching the 101 of gardening than selling products. It also showed us that we needed to expand our range to support gardeners through all stages of plant development, from sowing seeds to harvesting tasty edible produce or picking vibrant blooms. So, we expanded our product range and will release 14 new products in the last six months of 2021.

Our new product range includes the EarthCare range of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides that help control pests, insects, fungal diseases and weeds around the house and garden naturally. Three of these products, EarthCare Enviro Pest Oil insect spray, EarthCare White Oil insect spray and EarthCare Organic WeedKiller, carry the ACO logo.

Next is Seasol BioChar with Zeolite, which utilises a process to bind Biochar to Zeolite to act as a delivery system for Seasol. It has been formulated to boost soil health and nutrient storage to increase plant productivity.

Lastly are our Soil and Potting Mix media produced in conjunction with Pinegro. The range of potting mixes contains everything you need to take the guesswork out of growing and looking after indoor and potted plants, as well as germinating seeds and propagating cutting. They include the highest quality raw ingredients, Seasol GOLD, balanced nutrients and trace elements, and a wetting agent to ensure plants flourish all year round.

Our soil media range includes products to help your soil, plants, and lawn through all growth stages. Treated with either Seasol GOLD or Seasol Liquid Compost, they help your total garden thrive and grow strong and healthy.

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