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PureHarvest: Advocating organics since 1983

PureHarvest was founded as a family business to share simple, healthy, and organic food within the local community. Over the last 40 years, we have grown and shared that mission throughout Australia and the world, but we remain 100% family-owned and committed to the vision of healthy and happy communities.

It all started as a small health food store in Prahran, Victoria in 1979. This humble health food store was called Ceres Natural Foods and we sold direct to consumers and distributed bulk grains, beans and foodstuffs.

From the beginning, we have been huge advocates for organic foods and helped pave the way for the organic industry here in Australia. Our commitment to the organics industry led to our involvement in financing and helping to set up the first organic rice crop grown in Australia in 1983.

From here we continued to expand our range of organic products and moved to a larger facility to enable us to begin manufacturing Australian made products. In 1987 we were the first company to sell Australian made and grown Soy Milk to consumers. Our innovation in the plant milk market continued as we expanded our range to Australian made Rice Milk and Oat Milk.

As we continued to grow, we made the move to regional Victoria, setting up in Drouin and expanding our manufacturing capacity and continued to lead innovation within the market. In 2007 we manufactured and distributed our first Almond Milk across Australia. In 2013, our popular Coco Quench was the first Coconut milk beverage to be manufactured and distributed in Australia.

It is over 40 years after we started, but we are still working on the same dream of providing people with quality natural and organic products. As one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of natural and organic foods we have grown to a team of over 100, but we remain a 100% family-owned and run business.

It is our mission to share products that create healthier and happier people. We believe the consumption of quality food helps to create a stronger body and a clearer mind. We believe that people should consume products that are free of artificial contaminants and are as close to their natural state as possible, and our goal is to make these products readily available to all.

Our commitment to making a positive difference is centred on respect for community and the nourishing ingenuity of nature. We have a history of innovation and are always looking for methods and products that will benefit the industry, our customers, and the community.

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