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Plant industry turns over new leaf in traceability

The Australian Government is supporting a national pilot project starting in Western Australia aimed at identifying the most suitable traceability system for the plant industry supply chain.

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud said the Western Australian Agriculture Authority will undertake the project in conjunction with Plant Health Australia and Greenlife Industry Australia.

“The three-phase project will will initially involve engagement with the plant industry to build its knowledge of the need for enhanced supply chain traceability and its role in underpinning market access,” Minister Littleproud said.

“The second phase will involve a review on how other countries manage plant produce through supply chains, with the aim of identifying a traceability system suitable for consideration by industry and government for adoption here.

“The third phase aims to carry out a trial of a suitable traceability system for one plant industry and produce a report on outcomes and lessons learnt.

“The Australian Government is supporting the project with $155,000 in funding under the Traceability Grants program because we know enhanced, modern traceability systems build consumer trust and give our exporters a competitive edge.

“Australian plant industries are dependent on export markets for their ongoing profitability, with effective traceability systems underpinning export certification and helping to maintain market access.

“Traceability is one of the cornerstones of Brand Australia that builds trust and enables us to meet the growing demands of our domestic and global consumers.”

  • The Traceability Grants Program supports industry projects that will enhance our agricultural supply chain traceability systems including technologies that digitise information flow.
  • The program aims to increase opportunities to export Australian commodities and will invest $7 million in grants over two rounds until June 2023.