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Organigrow: Nutritionally Superior and Certified Organic Eggs

You can find Organigrow’s free range egg farm on 70 acres of land at Monaltrie in Northern New South Wales. The farm been certified organic since 1999, operated by two generations of the Cripps Clark family.

Current owner and manager Simon Cripps Clark is committed to offering an idyllic free-range environment for Organigrow’s chickens. Although up to 1,500 hens per hectare are permitted according to organic standards, the density at Organigrow does not exceed 600 birds per hectare. This provides the animals with ample space to roam and access to varied food, with plenty of pecan trees and bushland providing shade. There are approximately 10,000 hens on the Organigrow farm at present.

Chicks or hens are not de-beaked prior to coming to the farm, nor at any point once they arrive. Organic chickens are not fed antibiotics or genetically modified feed. At Organigrow, chickens are fed a variety of certified organic wholegrains but also permitted to ‘green peck’ anything they find out on the farm. This includes grass, insects, leaves and fruit from the farm. The Organigrow team believe this commitment to animal welfare and health results in the best possible eggs with naturally golden yolks.

Organigrow eggs are certified by ACO Certification Ltd

Organigrow eggs are collected daily, cleaned when required, and packed on the farm before being distributed to Woolworths and many other independent retailers. Check out the Organigrow website for a list of East Coast locations where you can purchase their eggs. Package sizes range from 350g to 800g. You can also find other useful information on their website, including testimonials and other tips.

Owner Simon is on the hunt for more certified organic sorghum for feed. Any growers able to assist can reach out via