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Online tool to help producers choose best-fit traceability

The Australian Government is investing in the development of an online self-assessment tool to help primary producers find the best-fit traceability system for their business.

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud said Honey and Fox Pty Ltd will receive $45,560 in funding for its ‘Traceability Systems Chooser’ project as part of the Government’s commitment to enhancing supply chain traceability.

“The seafood industry will initially benefit from this innovative and interactive resource, with the project team working with seafood producers and their supply chain partners,” Minister Littleproud said.

“However, it’s intended that all agriculture, fishing and aquaculture producers will be able to access the tool because it can be easily modified to suit the needs of their industries.

“There is an ever-increasing array of traceability technologies and systems but information about how they work within agricultural and food supply chains can be unclear for producers.

“The benefit of this tech is that it will help them adopt or adapt to already commercially available systems to best suit their circumstances.

“It will also help producers connect with their customers and support consumers in making informed choices.

“The ability to trace a product through all stages of production on farm or boat, from processing, distribution, transport and retail to the consumer, is rapidly becoming standard business practice for today’s agricultural supply chain.

“Done correctly it can help businesses become more competitive domestically and globally.

“Traceability is one of the cornerstones of Brand Australia that builds trust and enables us to meet the growing demands of our domestic and global consumers.”

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