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Nature’s Harvest: Clean and Nourishing Organic Drink Mixes

WA-based business Nature’s Harvest offers a range of health-boosting and certified organic blends for those looking to feel better, fight inflammation and support a stronger immune system.  

Their Turmeric Latte, Shroom Magic and Matcha Magic Mixes use the highest quality organic ingredients, with more products being prepared for release soon.

The origin of the Nature’s Harvest drink mixes dates back to 2013, when owners Hament and Sonal opened a coffee bar in Cottlesloe, WA. A nutrition student recommended that they add turmeric lattes to the menu, with the healthy option quickly becoming a crowd favourite. The Nature’s Harvest range was launched in 2016 with only a single product, and organic certification followed soon after in 2017.

Honest, clean ingredients (with no fillers) are key to the Nature’s Harvest range. Besides organic certification, the products are also certified vegan and gluten-free, as well as being free from other harmful additives.

The flagship Turmeric Latte product contains 7 powerful anti-inflammatory spices; turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, chilli and black pepper. Turmeric and black pepper are known to work together synergistically to enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. Both their Shroom Mix and Matcha Mix products are fortified with Lion’s Mane mushroom and other health-promoting ingredients.

Nature’s Harvest also has a partnership with Westcare, a non-profit dedicated to providing quality employment and training for people with disabilities. Owner Hament volunteers his time to assist the Westcare team. This initiative is part of their “A Whole Lotta Goodness” mission, which centres around providing scholarships for youth to attend life changing camps that literally save lives. Nature’s Harvest are also supporters of the “Save Soil” global movement to bring organic matter back to agricultural processes. 

To try the Nature’s Harvest Turmeric Latte, Shroom Magic or Matcha Magic Mixes for yourself, check out their Online Store for more details. You can also use their Store Locator to find your nearest stockists across Australia, or else visit their Wholesale Enquiries page.