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Multikraft Probiotic Solutions: A systematic approach to beneficial microbes

Probiotics offer numerous benefits across a range of agricultural applications.  Microbes can be deployed to promote a regenerative environment that increases outcomes for plants, crops and livestock, as well as encouraging the recycling of waste into beneficial nutrients.

Multikraft Probiotic Solutions is a company that takes a systematic approach across agricultural enterprises, offering a wide range of products to help boost yield, increase regeneration and decrease chemical usage on farms. Their liquid probiotic products are combined to form soil health, foliar health and animal health programs.  Multikraft’s products are also used in programs to treat waste and turn it into beneficial nutrients for land application. 

The business originated in Austria over 25 years ago but has since expanded worldwide to serve clients in over 25 countries. Multikraft Australia was established in Queensland in 2014, with their products being certified as an organic input in 2018.

Multikraft’s base product for plants & cropping is called MicroLife, a multi-strain probiotic containing dozens of species of beneficial micro-organisms. Diversity in beneficial microbes can improve germination, root development and plant vigour. MicroLife can be used in conjunction with other Multikraft probiotic products for a whole system approach to address soil health, foliar health and disease resistance.

Additionally, Multikraft specialise in environmental and waste solutions with their specifically designed product,  MicroBalance.  Microbalance is a probiotic that promotes odour-free decomposition in composting of waste products; it is primarily used in creating fermented compost that acts as a rich soil food, and in the treatment of effluent water.   

Multikraft also addresses animal health and productivity with the probiotic, Fermented Herbal Extract (FHE).  FHE is used to promote healthy digestion, improved immunity, disease resistance and to assist with rapid feed adaptation when changing feed sources.

Multikraft believes that their liquid microbial products are a great tool to build resilient farming ecosystems, especially for organic farmers with the right management practices already in place. Their product range are available in 20L drums and 1000L shuttles, representing a viable option for all sizes of farming enterprises.

Multikraft also operate a Biotech Agriculture Centre of Excellence (B.A.C.E) across 95 acres in Bundaberg. This is both a showcase facility, trial location and the product manufacturing site, where crops including macadamias and mangoes are grown and nourished with liquid probiotics to demonstrate how the products work in a sustainable farming system. More than 10,000m3 of fermented compost is produced at B.A.C.E, while long-term comparative studies of the Multikraft program are also conducted onsite. A video summarising the B.A.C.E operation can be viewed here.

Multikraft B.A.C.E, located in Welcome Creek, is home to the enterprise’s Australian manufacturing, research and development.

Multikraft services organic growers Australia-wide through a variety of distributors. Brochures and safety data sheets for all products can be found on the Multikraft website, and their local team can be reached via phone on 1300 642 762 for any enquiries.