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MasterChef’s Andy Allen Ambassador for Australian Organic Awareness Month 2021

MasterChef Australia Judge and renowned Chef Andy Allen is the official Ambassador of Australian Organic Awareness Month 2021, and the much-loved foodie is calling for Aussies to ‘swap in’ certified-organic products this September.

Andy secured his place in the hearts of Australians during Season Four of MasterChef in 2012, when the apprentice electrician became the competition’s hardest-working underdog and went on to win the contest.

Since then, Andy has dedicated his life to food, joining the iconic Three Blue Ducks restaurant group where his journey into discovering the merits of organic production began.

“From working at Three Blue Ducks I learnt the flavour of food produced organically is mind-blowing,” Andy said.

“Our restaurants try to source organic where possible and we prefer food that is taken straight from the farm to our restaurant. You can’t get anything fresher or with a better taste than this, and you really don’t have to do much more than simply put the product on a plate to see how amazed people are by the flavours.”

Certified organic produce must meet strict standards and regular audits to ensure it’s free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides, from paddock to plate.

“I have learnt so much during the last few years, and one of the biggest things I hope for during Australian Organic Awareness Month 2021 is that people become aware that the organic industry is more than just food,” he said.

Throughout Australian Organic Awareness Month, which is organised by Australian Organic Limited (AOL), shoppers are encouraged to swap conventional products for certified organic alternatives, whether it’s food to stock the pantry, wine for the cabinet or even a skincare or makeup item for the bathroom.

“I have a personal philosophy of always trying to do better, and I think swapping in one organic product in September is a great start in helping the environment,” Andy said.

Chef Andy Allen is Ambassador for Australian Organic Awareness Month 2021

AOL CEO, Niki Ford, said swapping in just one organic item goes a long way to support organic farmers and producers who were dedicated to environmentally-sustainable practices.

“In 2020 more than nine million Australian households purchased an organic product, which is a trend we believe will continue to develop,” Niki said.

“Around the world, consumers are moving towards Australia’s organic produce because we have a clean, healthy reputation, and we are eager for customers on home soil to experience this difference for themselves.”

Recent research from the Australian Organic Market Report 2021 found 56% of Australian shoppers have purchased an organic product in the past year, with most citing personal health or environmental health as their key motivator.

“We are incredibly proud of our industry and we are so thrilled Andy has partnered with us during this very special month,” Niki said. 

This September, Andy is encouraging all Aussies to join in by making one small ‘swap’ but stressed the importance of making sure the product was certified organic.

“You can make sure your purchase is legitimate by looking out for The Bud logo, or an official organic certification mark on the label. If you can see that sign then you know you are getting the real deal,” he said. 

AOL will host a special competition, ‘What’s your Swap?’ on their consumer platform Bud Organic Club, to celebrate Australian Organic Awareness Month.

For the chance to win a suite of great weekly organic prizes, participants need to share their ‘swaps’ on Instagram and sign up to The Bud Organic Club. Full terms and conditions are available on the Bud Organic Club website here.