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Kunara Organic Marketplace: Qld’s organic hub on the Sunshine Coast

Situated in Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast, Kunara Organic Marketplace is perfectly located just off the Bruce Highway. The store provides easy access for both locals and Brisbane weekenders looking to stock up organic groceries on their way back from a sunny weekend away.

Kunara is an organic hub, selling everything you need, from fresh certified organic produce and pantry, to bulk dry goods and cosmetics. It also hosts a bustling cafe with a 95% organic and gluten free menu, alongside a garden centre specialising in pesticide-free gardening.

The store has been certified organic for more than 7 years with 60-70% of produce now certified organic. The decision to become certified was purely driven by a sense of authenticity towards their customers, with the storefront signage proudly displaying the Bud certification logo.

Store Manager, Josh Buckland, confirmed, “Being certified organic gives reassurance and peace of mind to our customers that we are following the right process and being audited yearly. We take this process very seriously to ensure perfect transparency to our shoppers.”

Kunara also strives to source its products from Queensland distributors and local growers.

“Our truck travels to Brisbane daily to pick up fresh produce and we try to source local produce as much as we can. The majority of our customers have been shopping at Kunara for years and they know we have their best interests at heart,” Josh adds.

“Our Ethos is to support local growers and we value this relationship, also finding an independent grower to
supply the quantities we need can be challenging.”

The store continues to grow its range of products and recently started offering wine and spirits to its customers.

“We introduced organic wine 12 months ago and this has added a lot of value to our business.”

Kunara is now looking at diversifying and extending its range with organic crafted beers.

Despite being faced with a challenging period following the pandemic, Josh believes the rising demand for health food will continue to strengthen the industry.

“The organic industry is trending and people are more interested in health food especially vitamins products have grown in popularity.”

Find out more about Kunara Organic Marketplace via their website