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Kialla Pure Organics: A Pioneer of Australia’s Organic Farming Movement

From our beginnings as one of Australia’s organic wholefood pioneers in 1988 we have been driven by the belief that the way people grow and eat food needs to change.

We’re on a mission to inspire people to embrace organics as the healthiest and most sustainable food on the planet. And to make that food easily available to the majority of people by offering classic products that are the foundations of great baking (for both home bakers and professionals), and new products that help make organic lifestyles easy by combining nutrition and convenience.

Situated in the heart of the Darling Downs in south-east Queensland, we’re one of the last remaining flour mills in Australia to still operate in the midst of the farmland where the grain is grown. Here we mill quality organic grains and craft real food that is both delicious and good for you too.

Our commitment to an organic future was forged more than thirty years ago when we became the first certified organic processor in Queensland, and we’ve been part of the grassroots growth of the organic movement ever since. In the 1980s a few dedicated farmers already knew that the future of our food, and thus of our health, depended upon nutrient rich food grown in a sustainable way – and they were determined to spread the word. As the “Green Revolution” (which had gripped the world in the 1950s) lead to Australian farming’s growing dependence on artificial fertilisers and toxic chemicals, the insight and dedication of these organic pioneers helped establish Australia’s organic industry. The first organic field day they organised, not far from our mill, laid the foundation for Australian Organic Limited and encouraged the evolution of the organic movement.

The organic industry is based on people’s trust in the integrity of the certification process, and we believe that the more transparent we can be about our processes, our farmers and the food supply chain, the more empowered people are to make more informed choices. And this changes how food is grown for the better.

Organic certification supports our values of transparency, integrity and sustainability, because we recognise that the whole food system is connected, from the soil and the environment all the way through to the people who eat the food. Certification also means that, using traceability inherent in the certification process, we can track any grain back to the farmer who grew it – and it is this feature that has enabled us to create our Plate2Farm tracker.

We’re a family-owned company and our family’s involvement in Queensland agriculture stretches back to the 1850s. Over the years we had become acutely aware of the increasing disconnect between the people who grow the food and the people who eat it. And resolving this issue was foremost in our mind when we developed the Plate2Farm Tracker back in 2015.

Using a QR code found on the packet, people can track their product back to the source. They not only get to understand more about individual farmers, organic farming practices, and why it’s the best way to produce our food, they can also see the processes involved in milling the grains.

We know that organic farming takes more effort and planning, and we know that people who choose organic are already committed to better food choices. By championing organic farming, and focusing on quality products we build trust and stronger connections between dedicated farmers and the passionate people who buy their produce. And ultimately this changes our food for the better.

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