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Guano Australia: Leading Nutrient-Based Organic Fertilisers

Buderim-based Guano Australia has been a long-term supporter of the Australian organic industry, offering certified allowed inputs to growers across the nation.

Guano Australia has been selling premium Guano Gold fertiliser products for more than 30 years, with the business established in Victoria in 1992 before relocating to the Sunshine Coast in 2005.

The enterprise supplies a range of organic products for different applications. Their locally produced Guano Liquid Gold and Guano Liquid Gold with KMS Fertiliser range has seen very positive growth recently, given disrupted international supply chains and rising costs of commercial fertilisers. As such, the business can offer a price advantage to Australian farmers when compared to many imported products. 

This premium organic fertiliser offers a natural source of liquid phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, magnesium, calcium and silica, as well as a range of trace minerals including zinc and manganese. The fertiliser can improve plant resistance to stressors and is a popular option for those looking to naturally boost their soil quality and improve yield, as it represents a soil conditioner and fertiliser in the one product.   

Guano’s liquid fertilisers work effectively with leading boom spray, tillage injection and fertigation equipment, with the formulations suitable for fibres, pastures and grains. Both Guano Liquid Gold and Guano Liquid Gold with KMS Fertiliser are available in 15 litre pails or 1000 litre shuttles.

With prices for synthetic fertilisers on the rise, certified organic allowed inputs have been in high demand. This has been a positive development for Guano Australia, who are able to meet increased demand for products including their Australian-made range. The company sells direct to farmers, as well as through a strong distribution network from capital cities around the country. Delivery is available to farmers Australia wide, and the Guano Liquid Gold formulations are suitable for both organic and biodynamic growers.

Guano Australia’s organic range is certified by ACO Certification Ltd.

Kismet-Guano Group CEO John Jashar is a proponent of organic formulations, and of the need for Australia to manufacture more of its own products to lessen our current dependence on imports.

To find out more about Guano Australia’s comprehensive range or to find your nearest distributor, please fill out the Contact form on their website. Their website also features a range of technical articles on phosphorus, silica and several other topics relevant to organic fertiliser.