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Grape expectations: FRIGGA traceability tech potential

The Australian Government is supporting the trial of data logging technology to trace table grape shipments along the export supply chain from grower to the retailer.

Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management David Littleproud said Mildura-based AND Fresh Pty Ltd will use $32,166 in Traceability Grants Program funding to carry out its FRIGGA Technology trial.

“This has the potential to boost export supply chain traceability of an industry worth over half a billion dollars,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Traceability is about consumer trust and we know trust is an increasingly valuable currency in these challenging times.

“Building more awareness about just how safe and healthy Aussie produce means more opportunities to export and more dollars for our farmers.

“FRIGGA also has the potential to be rolled out in other industries such as red meat and mangoes.

“AND Fresh will trial the use of data loggers in a select number of table grape export shipments from harvest point to shop shelf along road, rail, and shipping networks.

“The loggers will capture location, temperature, humidity and light in real time.”

The Member for Mallee, Dr Anne Webster said the technology will assist the identification of breaks in the cool chain and be able to detect if containers have been opened by the use of light sensors.

“Data will be available on a smartphone app showing graphs and maps in real time meaning farmers, transporters, freight forwarders, exporters and retailers can all access it,” Dr Webster said.

“This is the technologically smart future of Australian agriculture, guaranteeing quality and surety of Australian Products around the world. Technology like this is driving us towards $100 billion by 2030.”

For more information, visit the Traceability Grants Program web page.