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Good Morning Cereals: Puffing Organic Grain Since 2003

Located in Toowoomba, close to the rich grain producing region of the Darling Downs, Jill and Michael Allwright purchased Good Morning Cereals in 2003. After several years spent farming in Tasmania, raising sheep, cattle, free range pigs and growing a variety of crops, the couple were ready for a change in lifestyle and decided to move to mainland Australia with their three young daughters. Good Morning Cereals seemed like the perfect fit, and the couple’s experience in grain production enabled them to quickly build a trusted relationship with their grain suppliers.

The company is the only one of its kind in Australia producing organic cereals puffs. The purpose-built processing facility for puffing organic cereals is separated into two production rooms: one for grains containing gluten such as wheat, barley and spelt, and one for gluten-free options. This separation enables them to produce gluten free cereals without any cross contamination.

The puffing process uses the whole grain or seed. The grain is heated in a pressure vessel, which opens when a set pressure is reached. The opening of the vessel causes a sharp drop in pressure which puffs the grain – much like popping popcorn! The final product is then screened to remove any broken or un-puffed grains before being packaged.

Jill and Michael take pride in offering a range of certified organic puffed products using the highest quality grains by working closely with suppliers and maintaining rigorous food safety standards. This allows them to control the production process from start to finish. Conscious about the quality of the water used during the production process, they recently decided to install a water filter at their facility to ensure the removal of any traces of glyphosate and other synthetic chemicals.

For the Allwright family, healthy nutrition is a way of life, so maintaining their organic certification is a high priority. They understand the quality of their grain is reflected in their products and using only certified organic suppliers is the only way to provide confidence and trust in their products. They use their annual certification audit as an opportunity to learn and continue to improve their processes.

Good Morning Cereal’s range of products is simple yet diverse. They currently produce Amaranth, Barley, Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Millet, Quinoa, Sorghum and Spelt puffs. Selling to manufacturers and directly to retailers, their product provides ample options for use in a range of different cereal products and recipes.

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Images by Louise Wright Photography