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Future Drought Fund: Developing mentor networks to build drought resilience

Young farmers and influential mentors nationwide will have the opportunity to connect in a new initiative under the Future Drought Fund’s Drought Resilience Leaders program.

Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, David Littleproud, said the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program was a way for rural professionals and farmers to connect.

“This program will bring together hundreds of mentors and mentees. It’s essential in linking together skills and shared experiences to ultimately support communities to be better prepared for future droughts,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Delivered by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, the Drought Resilience Leaders program is a chance for farmers and regional community members to build local drought resilience.

“Not only will the program include direct guidance through face-to-face learning, but mentees can access resources covering drought and climate resilience.

“Mentors can be farmers, drought professionals, climate professionals, or people connected to the agricultural sector.

“We know that farmers learn from each other and from their local communities. This is a chance for them to share this knowledge with the next generation.

“By embracing new ideas and learning from the broader community, this program will build a network across the country of community-based drought resilience.”

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Applications for both mentors and mentees closes on 31 August 2021.