Freight Forwarders and air freight service providers on board to help Australian exporters

See the latest IFAM updates below:

IFAM freight capacity updates: LA, Singapore, Dubai & Hong Kong now available

IFAM freight capacity updates: Flights to Hong Kong departing from Toowomba & Adelaide now available

The Australian Government is continually working towards rebuilding critical global supply chains for Australian’s agricultural and fisheries exporters.

Visit the IFAM website for the latest information regarding Freight Forwarders & Air Freight Service Providers providing freight services on key export routes under the International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM).

The above networks will link Australia’s agricultural and fisheries producers to export hubs, whilst their experience in handing fresh produce on a large scale will meet the needs of seafood, meat, dairy and horticulture exporters.

With flights now arriving and departing every day, the IFAM is working to restore critical supply chains for the Australian exporters.

How will it work?

*FF = Freight Forwarder. ^Non-IFAM Freight Forwarder will need to work with one of the six IFAM Freight Forwarders to access the mechanism.

The Co-Ordinator General of the IFAM, Mr Michael Byrne, will work with IFAM appointed suppliers to establish efficient logistics processes. The government will meet a portion of the airfreight costs – reducing costs for exporters and ensuring they can export their produce to international customers quickly.

The Mechanism intends to use a range of approaches including charter services and block purchases of capacity. Updates surrounding the Mechanism including further details and communications can be found on the Austrade website:

Exporters need to be registered to access IFAM

Exporters can register their interest by completing and submitting the form available at

IMPORTANT: If you have already submitted an EOI before 16 April 2020, please note that you will need to resubmit the form with additional information. This additional information will inform which air freight routes are prioritised by the IFAM.

Additional freight capacity is available now – contact your Freight Forwarder

While IFAM is progressing toward full implementation, there is additional freight support available in the market; including domestic network flights, international repatriation flights and international commercial freight-only flights.

The best way to access this capacity is through your Freight Forwarder.