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EPISODE 7: Meeting Quentin Kennedy, Managing Director of Kialla Pure Foods

In Episode 7 we catch up with Quentin Kennedy, Managing Director of Kialla Pure Foods and previous Board member of Australian Organic Limited about his personal journey into organics, the history of Kialla, the problem with greenwashing in the industry and the importance of organic certification and regulation on a domestic level.

About Kialla Pure Foods

Established in 1988, Kialla Pure Foods is an Australian-owned organic cereal grain processing operation based on the Darling Downs in Queensland. Kialla supplies product to retail, manufacturing and wholesaling operations throughout Australia, as well as exporting into Asia and New Zealand. Kialla’s sister company, Ausorganic Feeds, supplies certified organic stockfeed into both commercial and retail operations. Farmers Quentin and his wife Michelle Kennedy purchased the company in 2006, ensuring innovation and traceability is at the top of their agenda. Quentin also served on the Board of Australian Organic Limited from 2004 to 2019 – witnessing the transition from BFA to AOL in 2012.