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EPISODE 6: Meeting Lee Holmes, partnering with Murray River Organics

In this episode we hear from organic living and gut-health author Lee Holmes, who is partnering with Murray River Organics to create delicious and wholesome new recipes. Lee, creator of much-loved blog Supercharge your Life, explains how organic produce first piqued her interest and why she is a firm believer organic food is not only healthier, but tastes better too.

About Murray River Organics

Murray River Organics is a proud Australian producer, manufacturer, and marketer of certified organic food products.

As a pioneer of large-scale organic, sustainable processes, Murray River Organics operates across 11 properties in the Sunraysia region for production of dried vine, wine grapes, table grapes and citrus, and also supports more than 35 farming families who are part of the MRO Dried Vine Grower community.