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‘Eat Seafood, Australia’: Industry calls for support

“Eat seafood, Australia!” is the catch-cry of the Australian seafood industry as it asks the community to rally together to support the industry during the coronavirus crisis.

“We need your support,” Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) Executive Chair and Acting CEO Veronica Papacosta said.

“The coronavirus poses a significant threat to the future of the Australian seafood industry, an industry which employs thousands of Aussies and countless more downstream, but we need the community to support us and eat seafood, Australia.

“As an industry we felt the impact of the coronavirus almost immediately due to the necessary restrictions placed on the foodservice industry and the closure of export markets. But, this has meant we’ve lost the majority of our distribution network within three months. Resilience and hard work will be the key to rebuilding our sector, but community support is essential to our immediate survival.

“SIA has developed a simple Fish Finder directory to help consumers find and purchase fresh or cooked Australian seafood online or direct from retailers for delivery or pick-up. Meaning the community can support us without even leaving their couch.

“Many of our commercial fishers and fishmongers have diversified their businesses to offer delivery, or easy collection methods to help get Australian seafood into homes, and bellies. Although the coronavirus has changed our day-to-day lives, it doesn’t need to change the way we eat.

“We’ve noticed a protectionist change in consumers, and they’re prioritising the trust and confidence in their food sources and supply-chains that buying Australian products provides. Australian seafood is clean, green, sustainable, and available from right on our doorstep.”

How you can help

  1. Buy and eat Australian seafood! It’s as simple as that.
  2. Post a photo of your meal on social media and tag it #EatSeafoodAustralia.
  3. Post one of our sample posts and/or images on social media to encourage others to support the #EatSeafoodAustralia movement.
  4. Repeat! Suppo

Media Release from Seafood Industry Australia (SIA)