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Earth Hour founder Todd Sampson shares his captivating journey

Earth Hour founder and acclaimed adventurer, documentary-maker and advertising strategist, Todd Sampson, has capped off Australian Organic Limited’s (AOL) Organic Earth Week in Brisbane on Friday 26th March 2021 with an address reiterating the cumulative effects of individual sustainability efforts.

Speaking to a small group hosted by AOL as part of its Organic Earth Week celebrations, which were held from 22 to 27 March, Mr Sampson said organic farming practices were an important contributor to global sustainability and aligned with the principles of the Earth Hour movement.

“Organic farming systems release 40 per cent less carbon emissions than traditional farming,” Mr Sampson said.

“Consumers are opting to purchase products which can be produced with minimal impact on the environment. Small changes at an individual level can go a long way to protect the natural world around us.”

During Organic Earth Week, a series of social media campaigns empower consumers and producers to share their organic stories through the hashtag #ChooseOrganic and #OrganicEarthWeek. The overarching goal of the week is to promote the industry’s role in creating a more sustainable future.

As for Earth Hour, it was established in Sydney in 2007 and will be held tomorrow (Saturday 27 March) across 188 countries to encourage participants to switch off their lights and power and ignite a conversation about how simple changes can protect the environment.

“This Earth Hour, we’re encouraging people everywhere to make the Switch for Nature to support Australia’s move towards a renewables-based economy,” Mr Sampson said.

“This is an Australian idea, created in Sydney, which was built on getting mums, dads and loved ones to stop once a year, take pause, and talk to their kids about how they could live a more sustainable life and protect the environment.

“It has now reached global recognition and that is something we should all be very proud of.”

AOL Chief Executive Officer, Niki Ford, said Mr Sampson’s presentation was the perfect finish to Organic Earth Week which highlighted the thriving $2 billion organic sector’s contribution to the environment.

“Organic growers and suppliers work hard every day to not only produce quality products but create ongoing positive ecological benefits for their wider community and environment,” Ms Ford said.

“During Organic Earth Week we highlighted why organic farming practices are a better choice for our soils and for the planet, and why brands and businesses should consider organic certification to build a more sustainable future.

“Mr Sampson has shown how small simple changes, like turning off lights or making smart choices as a consumer, can go a long way to protecting the natural world around us.”