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Deoleo. The Olive Oil Company

At Deoleo we’re dedicated to developing quality olive oils. Our brand Bertolli, the world’s number one olive oil brand, has been produced in Italy since 1865. Bertolli Organic is a range of olive oil where the olives are grown, harvested, cold-pressed and bottled without the use of any chemicals. Bertolli organic olive oil is produced to organic farming standards and the whole range is certified 100% organic.

All Bertolli olive oil contains the juice of olives and nothing else. Like orange juice comes from oranges and peanut butter comes from peanuts, there is just one single ingredient in a bottle of Bertolli – olive oil.

The Bertolli Organic range are all extra virgin olive oils with a full flavour, fruity or spice notes and a hint of bitterness. They can be used in a variety of hot or cold dishes. Drizzle over meat, pasta or vegetables, add to dressings or marinades or just serve in a dish with bread and warm olives before a meal.

Whatever your favourite olive oil dish, try the extra virgin olive oil which has never come into contact with pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or chemicals, try Bertolli Organic olive oil.

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