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“Demystifying the lure of organics – why demand will survive and thrive beyond 2020”

Australian Organic CEO Niki Ford recently responded to an article theorising that the recent uplift of sales for organic products during COVID-19 has been due more to “necessity” rather than consumer decision.

Responding with her comments in FMCG, Ms. Ford argued, “it’s important to note there was also strong sales growth for products in the years leading up to COVID-19 with the industry on an upward trajectory now for some time.”

“The unprecedented consumer spending pattern during COVID-19 has led to consumers buying a variety of many different products. Whilst the period may have caused some people to try organic products for the first time, helping sales to rise, this may also have been due to existing organic consumers buying up available stock whilst they could. Any number of factors could have been at play,” she continued.

Australian Organic Board Director and Director of Enviroganic Farm agreed that the impact of COVID-19 on poultry supply and demand continues to be strong; “This was the case before the pandemic as well and even during the drought,” she says.

“Around 90 per cent of our production goes to Woolworths for their Macro brand and they’re always wanting us to increase our production because demand is so strong. Drought, bushfires, floods, COVID-19 – none of it has it has actually affected our sales. If anything, recent events have boosted our sales.”

Ms. Ford added, “One of the most frustrating challenges for the organic industry is constantly having to defend why people are attracted to organic products in the first place.”

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