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Cullen Wines: Leaders in Carbon Positive and Biodynamic Winemaking

Cullen Wines is the only biodynamic and carbon positive winery in the Margaret River region, with the business built around a philosophy of quality, integrity and sustainability.

Located in the township of Wilyabrup in the north of the Margaret River region, Cullen Wines operates with the highest regard for the natural environment, and has done since the first vine plantings on-site in 1971. Chemical interventions were minimal in the early days, with a shift to total organic viticulture made in 1998, to be followed by the Cullen vineyard becoming certified as A Grade Biodynamic in 2004.

The Cullen Wines team is passionate about promoting organic and biodynamic practices, having previously run workshops on the subject to help raise awareness across WA and the nation. For those not aware, biodynamic viticulture is a philosophy that treats the vineyard as a living system, recognising the link between plant growth and the rhythms of the cosmos.

Maintaining soil fertility is of vital importance, with soil structure built upon a series of preparations based in mineral, plant and animal substances. When it comes time to pick, the fruit is handled as little as possible with practices such as hand harvesting, minimised transport and sorting the fruit before crushing all utilised.

Biodynamic Preparation 500 is used at Cullen to stimulate soil microbiology.

The business is certified Carbon Positive, having taken a range of voluntary steps since 2006 to mitigate GHG carbon emissions and offset as appropriate. This is in addition to a major biodynamic soil and plant health program which commenced in 2014, which dramatically increased the organic carbon contents of their vineyard soils.   

Cullen Wines offer an immersive experience with their Biodynamic Wine Room. Visitors can enjoy seated tasting experiences, dining and even a self-guided biodynamic garden tour. Tasting experiences are built around some of Cullen’s flagship certified biodynamic wines, and more than 90% of products used on tasting plates are grown on-site.

Cullen Wines is open seven days a week for Sales and Biodynamic Wine Room Tastings.

To view the full Cullen Wines range, you can check out their Online Store or else pay a visit to their Wilyabrup location at 4323 Caves Road.

* All images of Cullen Wines by Frances Andrijich.