Country of Origin Commitment from Macca’s

Media Release: 19 April 2020

The Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Services, David Littleproud has welcomed McDonald’s commitment and leadership to display the country of origin of the ingredients in their products.

Minister Littleproud said this empowered consumers to back Australian farmers and challenged other big fast food franchises to follow McDonald’s lead.

“I’ve been working with major fast food outlets since 2018 to introduce a voluntary display of the amount of Australian ingredients used in their products and now McDonald’s has committed which is a great win for Australian consumers and farmers,” Minister Littleproud said.

“Unfortunately some major fast food outlets refused to even attend the round tables I set up to engage on the issue, but McDonald’s always showed a commitment to the process and the outcome.

“Consumers should have the information of where the food they are eating is from and this move empowers them to support a fast food franchise outlet that does that.

“I encourage other outlets to get on board or be left behind and be transparent with consumers and support Australian producers.”