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Country Heritage Feeds: Good, Simple and Organic Nutrition for Australian Livestock and Pets

Country Heritage Feeds can be found just off the Gore Highway in Pittsworth, a 30-minute drive west from Toowoomba. The family owned and operated business uses Aussie-grown grains, free from chemicals and synthetic fertilisers, to produce the best quality certified organic feed for a range of business sizes. This includes some of the country’s largest certified organic producers, all the way down to families with a few backyard chickens.

The organisation started from humble beginnings in the nearby township of Highfields in 1998. Back then, they were servicing just one certified organic customer; fast-forward to 2022, and Country Heritage Feeds is recognised as Australia’s largest certified organic stockfeed mill.

Consumers can rest assured that all grains used in CHF products have been grown in Australia by certified organic farmers.

The central Pittsworth location near the highway is ideal for future expansion. The team relocated to their facility in late 2010, allowing them to expand their product range to include pellets, crumbles and more.

Country Heritage Feeds service all livestock sectors, and even produce organic pet food! The team work closely with a nutritionist to ensure the optimal balance of their products to address the various needs of livestock and pets. “Good, Simple, Organic” is their motto and guiding principle, and they have a range of resources on their website explaining the benefits of organic feed for various animals.  

Though they have custom lines of products, individual mixes can be prepared to the exact needs of the customers. As of 2022, Country Heritage Feeds manufacture everything from layer mash to starter/finisher meal, supplements and more.  

The team are always on the lookout for new suppliers and operators. Ron Phillips, the Operation and Supply Chain Manager, is passionate about maintaining consistent and fair pricing of organic grains and cereals for growers, as part of a sustainability business model. The team is always happy to talk to new growers, or growers who are considering the move to organic certification, so feel free to contact Ron Phillips to have a discussion.

AOL CEO Niki Ford with Ron Phillips

Country Heritage Feeds send products all over the country and can cater to all different size requirements. Diversifying their business has been critical to their success through prolonged droughts. If you’d like to support their business, keep an eye out for Country Heritage Feeds at your local pet store, find your nearest stockist with their Store Locator, or else contact the team directly for bulk orders.