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Celebrating Australia’s Safe, World-Class Food

Media Release 6 June 2020

  • World Food Safety Day is held on 7 June each year
  • Australia’s strong food safety measures ensure consumers here and abroad have
    access to safe, high-quality food
  • Australia’s food regulatory system remains strong during COVID-19

World Food Safety Day is an opportunity to recognise Australia’s contributions in providing safe,
high-quality, world-class food for consumers here and abroad.

Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud, said a range of measures are in place to ensure the
safety and quality of Australian produce, particularly during these challenging times.

“We have the best farmers in the world and the measures we have in place to support food safety
means their produce can be enjoyed by consumers here and across the world,” Minister Littleproud

“We work closely with state and territory governments to support our farmers to implement
effective food safety standards throughout their whole supply chain.

“We have a strong biosecurity system that supports us to manage potential risks to our food safety
and to effectively respond when incidents occur.

“Imports only account for around 11 per cent of our food consumption by value, but strict conditions
are also in place to verify imported food meets our requirements for public health and safety.

“Our food regulatory system is regarded as one of the best in the world and it has allowed us to
manage a range of challenges that have arisen throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Our system was able to respond quickly to meet the needs of industry and consumers, as well as
provide business with the information they needed to get on with their jobs.

“For instance, my department worked closely with industry and food regulators to manage supply
chain vulnerabilities and disruptions, as well as develop and communicate consistent, coherent
advice on food safety.

“This meant businesses across different jurisdictions received well-considered and uniform advice
if they encountered supply chain disruptions, such as needing to adjust ingredient content of a
particular product.

“We have also maintained dialogue and worked closely with our trading partners and international
organisations, to advocate for fair trade practices and science-based measures to continue during
this challenging time.

“This has also contributed to keeping the supply of safe food open and flowing.

“We understand the importance of our agriculture industries in supporting the supply of safe food
here and abroad. We will continue working with and supporting our farmers, so they can continue
to produce the world’s best and safest food.”

Senator Richard Colbeck, who has portfolio responsibility for food regulation said Australia had
developed an enviable reputation for its quality and safe food exports.

“Even with the difficulties that have been presented with the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia retains
its status as a reliable and safe source of quality fresh produce,” Senator Colbeck said.

“Australia has a world-class reputation as a trusted and reliable supplier in international markets,
especially China.

“Our trusted food safety and quality systems ensure our perishable exports arrive to overseas
destinations in top condition.”