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BioAg: Natural Fertilisers and Biostimulants – Organically Certified

BioAg is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer since 1999, offering proven certified organic liquid biostimulants and natural phosphate fertilisers.

The company was formed to provide sound biological programs for agriculture-based soil and plants, at a time when suitable solutions and products were not readily available through conventional supply chains. BioAg’s development has been driven by conversations with farmers who wanted to do things differently and better but needed access to the right inputs to achieve those goals.

Almost 25 years later, BioAg’s head office and liquids manufacturing plant can be found in the Riverina region of New South Wales, while solid products are manufactured and supplied from their facility in Geelong, Victoria. BioAg can develop a bespoke fertility program that is suitable for specific farms/paddocks, with tailored programs available for certified organic farming systems or those in-conversion. The product range including Organically Certified is suited to all agricultural sectors – broadacre cropping, pasture, hay and forage, horticulture, tree nuts and viticulture.

The company offers an extensive range of ACO certified and nutrient dense solid fertilisers, biostimulants and digesters, all of which can be viewed in more detail here. Organic certification has always been a priority for BioAg since their inception. The enterprise considers it important for end consumers and producers to have confidence around organic claims, with all practices along the supply chain verified from start to finish. 

Supporting balanced, healthy, and mineral-rich soils is the ethos behind BioAg; they believe that this commitment produces high quality crops and stock that benefit the farmer, consumer and the environment. Products are safe for use on all areas of the farm including near waterways, and deliver long-lasting, sustained release of nutrients.

They also recognise that farmers on-sell to a range of markets utilising different certifying bodies, and can evaluate options to meet customer requirements. As an example, BioAg has secured USDA NOP certification for a range of core products.

A selection of organic case studies from operators who have made the switch to using BioAg products are available on their website. One such article about the Lambert family, certified organic dairy farmers from Sunnyside in Tasmania, can be viewed here in the latest issue of our Australian Organic Connect e-magazine.

For more information on BioAg, including area manager contacts, research, trial details and more, check out their website at Their team can also put you in touch with current BioAg customers to share their experience with specific products and their fertility program.