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AOL Farm Biosecurity Signs are back in stock

In light of renewed biosecurity threats for Australian farms, AOL has placed an order for more visitor signs branded with the Bud logo.

The signs will remind visitors to consider biosecurity threats before entering the property, as well as informing guests that they are entering a certified organic property or paddock where specific treatment and harvesting practices may be in place. These notices have appeared at the front of several AOL member properties since 2021.

We have stock as of early August, with signs priced at $60 +GST each. Signs are 400mm x 400mm with 4mm holes drilled in each corner.

AOL Members can visit our Online Store to place an order. AOL will cover shipping fees to all Australian farms. Please call 07 3350 5716 if you have any questions.

One of our signs in pride of place at the entrance to a certified organic wheat paddock in Thallon, Queensland. Image sourced from Kialla Pure Foods on Instagram.