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22,000 pacific seasonal workers ready and waiting for states to approve quarantine plans

There are 22,000 pacific workers that have been pre-vetted, are ‘work-ready’ and are on standby to deploy onto Australian farms but are awaiting approvals by state governments.

Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud, is now urging states to work with their health officials to approve quarantine arrangements and recruitments as a matter of priority.

“The harvest has already begun and we know our farmers are still short even after these jobs have been market tested with Australians. With 22,000 people on our doorstep ready to fill these shortages, we need action from the states now.

“The Federal Government has done its bit both to attract international workers and to incentivise farm work for young Australians.

“We’ll stamp the visas but It’s now up to the states to adopt the National Ag Workers Code and to approve quarantine arrangements for seasonal and pacific workers,” Minister Littleproud said.