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$189,000 to ensure Aussie honey is the best

  • The Australian Government is supporting the honey industry’s development of a flora database and national honey library
  • B-QUAL will deliver an auditable and digitised traceability system
  • This will strengthen consumer trust and boost Brand Australia’s safe and premium food profile abroad

B-QUAL Australia Pty Limited has been awarded $189,000 to assure the integrity of supply chains that deliver our premium honey products to markets around the world.

Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management David Littleproud said the funding was part of the Australian Government’s $7 million Traceability Grants Program.

“Pure Australian honey is truly one of the world’s great foods,” Minister Littleproud said.

“But success demands more than just a great product.

“In a global market where premium food commands a premium price, trust is our greatest asset.

“That’s why the Australian Government is supporting B-QUAL, an Australian Honey Assurance System that tracks product from flower and field to the customer’s kitchen.

“Honey is one of the world’s most adulterated foods so it’s essential we rule that out.

“And we also have unique plants in this country that aren’t recognised by many international standards, including many types of Leptospermum that produce our world class manuka honey.

“That’s why B-QUAL will deliver an auditable and digitised traceability system.

“B-QUAL will also see the development of a unique Flora Database and a national Honey Library that ensure customers get what they pay for: a great Aussie product.

“This should give total piece of mind to our customers both domestically and internationally of greater transparency of the product origin.

B-QUAL will be the program manager and work closely with the Australian Government funded Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products to develop the Honey Assurance and Traceability program.

Don Muir, B-QUAL Director said B-QUAL is excited to be undertaking this important project that will give proof that Australia produces some of the world’s best honey.

“The ability to trace Australian honey sources will also inherently increase biosecurity benefits for the industry by way of tracking disease or pest outbreaks through biogeographical regions,” Mr Muir said.

The project is one of 16 to share in $4 million funding under the first round of the Australian Government’s Traceability Grants Program.

For more details visit the Traceability Grants Program website.